Avalon Plats 

This page contains the original plats that are legally registered at the Horry County courthouse for all 738 homes in Avalon.

These pages are very large and may take several minutes to download depending on your computer and internet connection speed.

All images are in PDF format and you can zoom in or out using the + or - tools. Once you find the lot you are interested in, if you are using any version of Windows you can save a copy of it by doing a "screenshot". This is done by clicking on your keyboard button "PrtSc". You then open your paint program and click "paste" on the top line of the paint program. You can then save the picture as a .jpg to your desktop.

If you have Windows 7 you can use the "snipping tool".

Windows 8 has a "snipping tool" as well.

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Phase 1-A (Lots 1-84)

    Phase 1-B (Lots 85-121, 223-231, 240-242, 256-259, and 282-288)

    Phase 1-C (Lots 122-151, 172-199, 244-255, and 260-270

   Phase 1-D (Lots 152-171, 200-243, and 271-299)

     Phase 2-A (Lots 300-335 and 406-417)

  Phase 2-B (Lots 336-365 and 388-405)

    Phase 2-C (Lots 366-387 and 418-422)

          Phase 3-A (Lots 443-460, 500-563, and 725-745)  *2 PDF Pages

  Phase 3-B Section 1 (Lots 461-473, 485-499, and 696-724)

  Phase 3-B Section 2 (Lots 564-605)

    Phase 3-C (Lots 606-688)  *3 PDF Pages